Reliving the 20th Folly Beach Wahine Classic!

Reliving the 20th Folly Beach Wahine Classic!

Last year, Marloru had the incredible opportunity to sponsor the 20th Annual Folly Beach Wahine Classic, an all-women's surf festival held in Folly Beach, South Carolina. In partnership with one of our favorite retailers, Mckevlin's Surf Shop, we were proud to support this fantastic event that showcased the talents and camaraderie of female surfers of all ages and walks of life. The event was filled with unforgettable moments, friendly competition, and a strong sense of the community Mckevlin's has been supporting since 1965!

We're excited to finally share the a gallery of images captured by Adam King during the Folly Beach Wahine Classic. Although we're a little late in presenting these beautiful memories, we believe they deserve to be celebrated and cherished. The photos are available for everyone to download for free, with some print options also offered. We invite you to take a look and relive the highlights of this fantastic celebration of women's surfing, as we continue our commitment to supporting the surf community and being your go-to for splash-friendly bags and accessories for all your adventures.

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Ride the tide and cherish the memories!

Team Marloru

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